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What You Get.

Mobile QR Code
  • Free Mobile QR Code to your website.
  • Short URL to print in advertisments.
    (www.goqr.us/ww is much sorter to print than http://www.winthropweb.com/index.php)
  • Free Social Network Sharing Toolbar.Social Network Toolbar No Coding needed to let your visitors share your website with all the major social networks.
  • Statistics Statistics on how many people used your Mobile Code & Short URL. Go to your short URL and then click on the QR CODE icon to see your stats and save your QR Code.

Why You Ask?

Well... asking why is a natural reponse for any new technology that you have not heard of or used yourself. We think we will change your mind with the next generation of quick response mobile barcodes. Mobile QR Codes bridge the gap from print to digital media bringing you the possibility of printing barcodes on anything from buisness cards, product lables, newpaper and magazine advertisments to t-shirts and murals. What a great idea to engage your customers in a whole new way right on their mobile device. We also include a Social Toolbar above your site to let your customers instantly share your URL and QR Code among many social networking and bookmark sites. Try goqr.us for free and we are sure you will get hooked and want to purchase our premium services from TraffiQR.com.

What is QR?

Mobile QR Codes have been around and used widely in Japan since 2006. It is gaining popularity in the U.S. and goqr.us is making it free and easy. You can print out and scan these mobile codes with any mobile smart phone with a barcode reader app. QR codes can take you to a URL such as this site does or TraffiQR can create vCard and vCal Codes for entering contact cards or event details right in to the phones memory without having to type a thing! Try it out now!

Get a Reader

It'e easy just search for "BARCODE SCANER" or "QR READER" on your smart phone and you will get a list of over a dozen barcode reader that work with QR Standards. Download one and try it out. I like Barcode Reader for Android and Qrafter for iPhone. Here is a resource for the best barcode reader apps.
Create your own Mobile QRCodes and Socialize your website at the same time. Find out everything there is to know about QR-Codes from their history to how they work with mobile phones. QR stands for Quick Response and it the fastes way to instantly show your mobile optimized content on ipads, iphones, android, and many other devices that read barcodes and qrcodes. QR Codes are great for showing coupons, directions, business card details and videos instantly. Try it free and you can see the benefits of a advertising campaign with mobile quick response (QR) barcodes.